My name is Jasmine!! I am a hard-working woman that is a certified chef with a sense of adventure. I am experienced with French, Thai, Puerto Rican, and traditional cuisine; nevertheless, I am always open to learning something new. I have a great personality and love meeting and cooking for people. I love to laugh and make you smile. I love formulating new cuisines that match my fun-loving, goofy behavior. It’s more enjoyable if you have fun with it. Join me in my journey of learning and creating different types of food. You gain a couple of tricks, lessons, new recipes, and much more.  I will make a chef out of you !!


As a lead chef/ line cook with ten years of experience in French, Puerto Rican, Thai, and Modern American Cuisines. I possess expertise in creating various dishes and sauces. Demonstrating skills in improving cooking processes and reducing food waste and cost.

I am familiar with my exceptional ability to prep all kinds of ingredients with precision and efficiency. I am praise by head chefs and other staff members for organizational and prioritization skills.  Creating dishes gives me the joy of always learning. No matter the way you look at it, each day is a learning experience waiting to happen. 

I have work with many different locations and chefs in parts of the world that I am grateful to experience. Now let’s take the journey to explore new places, try fresh food, see people, learn some lessons and much much more. The possibilities are endless, and learning should never stop. I won’t let that happen to you or myself. Life is more fun with a challenge. In food, you can eat your mistakes and cover the evidence.

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BingeKookin’s Photographer

My name is Jessica. I am a young mom of one beautiful baby girl named Aaliyah, by day and a photographer by night. I have always loved taking pictures since I was young. To capture a moment that you may never get back. That was the reason why I love photography. When years pass by and I have gotten older the more and more I took photos, now it is a job I love to do.

I plan on traveling the world one day and taking photos of everything I come across and every location. It’s said that “Time has a story to tell, and a picture is a thousand words of that story.” So I want to be the one to express that story with my art and capture every moment. I have fun in what I do and love it too that soon I will open my studio one day!!

Thanks to my older sister, Jasmine (CEO and Founder of Bingekookin), allowed me to express myself with the food she makes. She gave me the opportunity to show my skills along with her cooking skills to build a Bingekookin community that I am happy to co-create with beautiful photos.

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