A bagel, a round bread made of pure, elegant ingredients: high-gluten flour, salt, water, yeast, and malt. Its dough boiled, then baked, and the result should be a vibrant caramel color; it should not be pale and blond.

Ideally eaten warm, a bagel would weigh four ounces and make a slight cracking sound when you bite into it. It should be no more than four or five hours old when consumed. All else is not a bagel.

A bagel is accurate “a round bread” with a hole in the middle, it’s so, so much more. The way we see it around here is that it’s always the story behind the food. Not just the bite that we put in our mouths. We know them in the here-and-now of 21st-century America, the bagel’s likely rollout to the world began in Poland.

Poland where bagels are born

In Poland, the German bread morphed into a round roll with a hole in the middle that known “obwarzanek.” Written records of them appear as early as the 14th century. The Queen Jadwiga opt to eat obwarzanek during Lent. Obwarzanek at that time wasn’t exactly the kind of inexpensive street food that bagels became a few centuries later.

Queen of bagel

Lent, a period during which devout Christians consciously chose deprivation — but what constitutes “deprivation” is relative. The bread was, at the time, actually rather costly, as the ingredients were from wheat, which was not cheap. Most Poles could barely afford the more affordable, coarser bread from rye flour. White wheat was pretty much meant for the wealthy. Obwarzanek was primarily the province of princes, nobles, and men and women of means, but generally not for the poor.

One other version dates the first bagels to the late 17th century in Austria. Created in 1683 by a Viennese baker paying tribute to the King of Poland, Jan Sobieski. Jan was famous for his love of horses. The baker decided to shape his dough into a circle that looked like a stirrup — or beugel in German.

Jan bagel guy

There are more history, arguments, and much more about bagels that gives it the unique type of bread, its hype. The main challenge to provide a bagel such a flavor is its cooking and baking process.

In my opinion, bagels are one of the most time consuming and difficult bread to make on this earth. If not made right, the texture of the bread would be weird; if not proof enough, it will be flat, and if not boiled or bake correctly, forget about it, ok. It’s not a bagel if not done correctly !!! To find that recipe, check out the recipes category.


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