You are in your house cooking up a storm for a party or a big event. Then you realize, “Oh, now I’m out of cornmeal!!.” You can not go to the store; you won’t have enough time to fix the meal you were making.

Are you stuck in a situation with a missing ingredient? Do you have a recipe that calls for cornmeal, but you lack supply, and you need it in a pinch. Do you need a substitute? Easy trick. THAT YOU CAN FIND IN YOUR PANTRY !!

  USE Grits!!!!

Grits are an excellent substitute for cornmeal, especially corn grits. Use the same amount of grits that you would use for cornmeal in any recipe. The reason why this works is that grits are food created from corn, which is grounded into coarse meal A.K.A cornmeal. Either fine or coarse grounded grits will work and make a difference in the texture of the food. Also, grits do not have a taste till you add flavor, giving you more wiggle room to experiment in flavors.

    You can reduce your grits to a similar size to cornmeal with a blender or food processer to match the consistency of cornmeal exactly. When using finely grounded grits, you can get a smoother texture by the less liquid you add to it. As for coarse-ground grits, you have to add more liquid per 1/2 cup.

     Let me explain if the recipes call for 1 cup of cornmeal then that equals 1 cup of grits. It is a ratio of 50% / 50% which can add complexity to the texture of your dish. You want to use 2 1/2 cups instead. The reason why is that grits in super absorbent when coarsely ground, so you always add a little bit at the time. If you not careful, the texture will be crumbly and dry.

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