Steak comes in a diverse amount of cuts that different shapes, sizes, and flavors profile. Knowing what you want and the flexibility of prepping and or cooking is essential for the grill master that you called yourself!!

The time is here. What all Americans have waited for: Grilling Season is HERE!!! Its grilling season for July, and there are so many different cuts of steak that anyone could choose, but what are the best cuts to grill.

Not all cuts are created equal; each has its strengths and weaknesses when it comes to being prepared on the grill. All meat varies from farm to farm, breed to breed, diet to diet, and even in the animal’s afterlife. Each cut of beef can evaluate the cost, flavor, and overall prep convenience.

Little Prep, but High Price

(Not for the weak of heart walet or paycheck)

  • Boneless Ribeye: Big and fatty
  • New York Strip: Not too fatty and not too chewy
  • T-bone: You get a little New York and a small tenderloin
  • Tenderloin: simple, lean, mellow flavor, but the cost will cause your wallet a heart attack

These standard grilling cuts have a nice flavor and are usually trimmed to be ready to grill. Since these cuts are in such high demand that the only reason why they are pricy.

T-bone, Ribeye, New York, and Tenderloin

Epic Uncommon Cuts on the grill

  • Beef Chuck: part of the chuck primal, which is a large section of meat from the shoulder area. This part of the animal gets a lot of exercises, making the muscles somewhat tough. However, some parts are more tender, such as the top blade, which becomes very delicate once the cartilage removed.
  • Baseball steak: lean and tender, just like a tenderloin, but more flavorful and a tad chewier
  • Bone-In Tenderloin: A regular tenderloin without the bone lacks flavor and fat/texture. Nevertheless, the bone-in has the muscle that nestled between a layer of fat and bone will render while grilling.
  • Teres Major: a small single muscle that cut off the shoulder; it’s very lean and tender

In a grocey store, these cuts are rare to find prepackage, but you can always talk to your local butcher upon request. Hell, they will love it that someone actually knows about these cuts and they might cut you a deal.

Beef Chuck, Teres Major, Bone-in tenderloin, and baseball

Biggest Flavor Profiles

A lot of meat get their flavor from the high concentration of the myogolbin, which is the dark red color you will see. These cuts are the ones you look for major flavor.

  • Whole hanger or Hanger Steak: a rich beefy flavor ( keynote: if over-cooked it becomes chewy)
  • Flanken Cut Short Ribs: Thicker cut of the Kalbi- Style short rib
  • Denver: Big in Beefy Flavor
Denver, Beef hanger, Flanken-cut short rib, and hanger

Best Value Cuts

  • Home- ground beef: Well, duh!! You can make the ultimate burgers. Just got to remeber the ratio of making a great burgeris 80 % lean and 20 % fat
Ground meat

For Big Eaters There Big Cuts

  • Thick Cut Porterhouse: Like a T-bone, but the ultimate version of it
  • One Bone Rib Steak: this “cowboy steak” is a step up from a boneless ribeye. The bone adds flavor and texture from the connective tissue.
  • The Tomahawk Cut: With the wicked bone attached, it is cross-cut of the best parts of the animal. We have the longissimus dorsi (“eye” of the ribeye), the spinalis dorsi ( ribeye “cap” ), the multifidus Doris ( “spine” of the ribeye), and the longissimus costarum (the “lip” of the ribeye)

So get your Fred Finnstone stomach ready for these cuts, you going to need it !!

Steak :Tomahawk , Bone-in ribeye and Porterhouse

Chefs ( Me) Favorites

  • Whole hanger: Cut out the centerline of connective tissue and you are ready for a mouth full of flavor
  • Ribeye cap: You have to know someone (I do 🙂 ) or special order this, hopefully. It is not a very known cut and it hardly sold in stores
  • Manhattan Filet: Big Flavor, plus nice and blocking for even cooking while searing or grilling. It is a bit different from a New York Strip.
Steak :Whole hanger, Manhattan filet, Ribeye cap

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