To overcome hunger while cooking in a kitchen is a hard job to do on your own. Have you ever wonder how some chefs can suppress their hunger and work hours on end cooking all day. Here, you can learn how they do it, find out what hangry is, and some ways that chefs can supress their hunger and how it works.

Cooking is one of many physically exhausting type of businesses that involves a tremendous amount of stress, high-speed movement, and right on time execution for perfect results every time, which comes to the age-old question in how. How do chefs do it ?!?! How can chefs suppress their hunger while preparing different types of food every day ? Some reasons consisit of :

  • Drinking large amounts of water
  • Drinking large amount of coffee
  • Development of feeling of always wanting something different
  • Not wanting to eat or having the feeling of hunger
  • Stressful triedness
  • Always tasting everything to make sure everything is fresh and correct

Nevertheless, it does not matter how much talent, fantastic food presentation, and or discipline anyone has. We all have a limit!! We can suppress the want of food as much as we want, but that does not stop the development what we called “HANGRY!!! ” For some who don’t know what Hangry is:

Suppressing hunger :Defintion  of what hangry is

One thing is for sure if a chef does not at least eat one meal. Like everyone else, they get a terrible case of Hangry. However, in an extreme adrenaline way, hangry make chefs sound and act like certain yelly-chef that we all know.

Suppressing hunger: the face of hangry

In a typical day, a chef or cook would have to start their day with several spoonfuls of the dishes that were prepared, created, and or reheated to ensure freshness and overall quality. This tasting is all done before sending out to the public.

Does not mean, they don’t treat themselves time after time at mealtimes to an experimental dish or some other dish needing extra attention, (or how I like to call it “poison checking” the food). So, a french fry here or there, a slice of tomato or cheese, some extra mac & cheese left in the pan or whatever type of nibble that out for reach. Each vulture (a.k.a chefs and cooks ) have master the art of a quick snack.

Nevertheless, suppressing hunger comes to the old age ancient art of “Self Discipline ” and or what a lot of kitchens are doing now are cooking meals for the staff before the shift starts. This practice is not in every kitchen. However, it does help maintain and regain focus throughout the whole kitchen. Either way, there are ways to suppressing your hunger.

To suppress your hunger when cooking. Some chefs, including myself, have tried this:

  • Eat a meal or a snack before starting a shift
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Exercising
  • Mindful Eating
  • Drink coffee

Eating a meal or snack before starting a shift ensures that you will not be snacking the whole time you are working, which works along in mindful eating. Instead of eating that plate of fries, try something healthier or filing. Be more conscious of what you put in your body.

Drinking coffee has many benefits for health and sports performance that increases the release of peptide YY. This hormone is produced in the gut in response to eating and promotes a feeling of fullness. <> It is the same with water, which increases the feeling of fullness following a meal and addition encourage weight loss, which is a double winner.

Lastly, exercising helps reduce adverse reaction to specific brain regions. That is a link to food, depression, anxiety, hormone levels, stress levels, or overall mental health. When you are working out, you are not thinking about food or daily problems, which is an excellent way of suppressing anything negative. Bottom line exercise help retain a lot of positive health benefits for the body and supressing and maintaining food intake.

Thats the end of this topic. Thank you for taking the time to read this segment. I hope you enjoyed it. Please leave a comment down below in what you think and please share with your friends and family. I highly appreciate it!! 🙂

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